Easy Design Ordering Steps

Either call or text me @ (208) 721-0140 (located at 1617 Atwood Street in Longmont Colorado)

or email me at       bwalker151@gmail.com


Only two steps needed to start the process:

    1) Take a couple pictures with your phone - more pictures is better. Send via email or text.

    2) Draw a rough sketch of the proposed floor plan with dimensions. Take a picture of it-email/text



Be sure to include your address,name, phone number and email address when you send the pictures.


Once you send the above information, I will send you a digital Proposal/Reciept.  If you  agree with the proposal, please give me a call or email me and we can figure out how to accomplish payment.  Please print a copy for your records. I do plan to create a Paypal button for easier payment once Paypal is able to function again.

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