Design Fee Schedule

1)  Basic Design to include:(Printed and mailed to you ( 24" x 36")-------------------------$250

         1) A scaled floor plan

         2) 3 Exterior Elevations

         3) 3D exterior view

         4) Basic site plan  (This shows the location of your house on your lot)

         5) Electronic pdf files emailed to you to include:

                 a) The design sheet  ( printable @ 24" x 36" Arch Size D) .

          6) The $250 total fee includes my site visit.



2) Include your exterior views seen through windows of the new addition.---no charge



3) Include furniture---------------------------------------------------------------------no charge



5) Additional consulting/design------------------------------------------------------$50/hr


    Note:  I will drive to your project to photograph and obtain

               measurements if it is within 50 miles of Longmont, Co.                                         



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