My Design Experience

Growing up in Alaska I, my brother Bill, and our dad, Ed Walker, built homes and small commercial buildings.  Basically, I learned carpentry at an early age.


I served  three years as a planning and zoning commissioner and am a certificated architectural designer using the "Chief Architect" design program.


For the past 30 years I have applied my knowledge of construction in designing homes and commercial buildings all over the U.S. from Alaska to New York State.


During the years that I have worked as an architectural designer I have seen a need for a simple and inexpensive design service for people who want to add to their existing home or small commercial building. They don't know what it would cost or if the addition would even be allowed.  When they approach a building professional or building official with questions they are met with "Show me a drawing".


It is difficult to start any building project without some basic answers. Not many design professionals are interested in providing low-cost preliminary drawings.  Often the original project changes as a person learns more about the cost and building requirements. Sometimes people end up with a stack of expensive drawings and no project!


This basic design package is not intended to replace a complete set of construction drawings but it will help you in the early planning stages of your project. If you ultimately decide to proceed with your project, you can hire a structural engineer to design a foundation and I am available to complete the drawing, for an additional fee, to qualify as a complete construction set.


Take a look at the "Contact Information and Design Gallery" tab below to see some of the projects I have designed over the years.





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