The interior of the master bedroom addition .
The interior of the master bedroom addition .

What my clients have to say:

Tom Kennedy(Sun Valley, Idaho)-----------Bob's ability at illustrating what a new entry,

                                                                     additional living room space, or a new deck would look

                                                                     like helped me in my real estate business.





Steve Frye (Hailey, Idaho)---------------------As president of a condominium complex, I hired Bob to

                                                                       draw an as-built of our facility.  Bob was able to show

                                                                       us several renderings depicting different types of

                                                                       exterior siding and colors.  A big help!

John Helrigle (North Port, Long Island)------I converted a 100 year old barn into my primary

                                                                        residence.  Bob was able to develope a design that

                                                                        reflected my needs and show the options available.

If you need to test your ideas with a Home Owner's Association design review committee, or want to speak with the folks that issue building permits, Add a Room Design is the perfect solution.  It is a quick and economical way to get a rendering of your idea, and present it to the people that can make it a reality. Bob Walker is an experienced professional who has been designing and building homes, and commercial buildings his entire career.  I highly recommend this service.


Don Grede

Lafayette, Colorado

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