The $150 design offer with Free Home Visit:

I will come out to your home, practicing social distancing and masked, to discuss your project. This will take about 30 minutes.  If you decide to proceed or not the home visit is free. If you decide to proceed, I will take the measurements and photos I need to provide the drawing   This is good for anywhere within twenty miles of Longmont.


I am also availble to accept photos and exchange information electronically for those who are beyond 20 miles from Longmont. I am available on zoom and can work on your design on your screen as we discuss it.  Perfect for pandemics or non commute design work.


Call, text or email me to discuss scheduling.


I will provide a scaled floorplan and front view of your idea plus a 3D floorplan and 3D view. I will send the drawing as a digital PDF file.  You can print them on your home printer. They can also be printed to scale on a larger printer at your local print shop.  I will include a file that will print as an Architectural size D. (24"x36") Take a look at the Design Sample to see how this looks.


Some ideas that will work with this offer could be, patios, decks, room additions, and wall removals,

kitchen or bath remodels. Actually about any remodel project would work.


These drawings will allow you to plan.  These are not complete construction drawings and can't be submitted for a building permit.  They can be used to forward to contractors for estimates and for you to investigate if this is something you want to pursue.  


Later, I can complete the drawing, for an additional charge, if you choose to build it, or others can complete the drawing . I will credit the $150 towards any further design work.  In other words, I won't charge you for work already done.


Additionally, I am available, as a construction consultant, for those who plan to build the project themselves, or need additional expertise before engaging a contractor.

Please click on the" Design Sample" button to see a typical project.

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